Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

About the Book
Title: Pandemonium
Author: Lauren Oliver
Series: Delirium #2
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publishing Date: February 28, 2012
Pages: 375 Pages (Hardcover)

Goodreads Summary:
Lena joins the resistance effort against the oppressive government and fights for freedom.
After escaping from Portland, Lena makes it to the Wilds and becomes part of an Invalid community. Weak and grieving for Alex, Lena fights to survive. And then she fights her oppressors.
As the viewpoint shifts between Lena's time in the Wilds and the present day, which is set in Brooklyn, Lena transforms into a warrior for the resistance. In New York City, the grass-roots movement for a Deliria-Free America (the DFA) is gathering strength, and its leader, Thomas Fineman, recruits more supporters by the day. His son Julian--as-yet uncured--heads up the DFA's youth organization. Lena is tasked with blending into the DFA's rallies; she seems to be a supporter yet she is really a spy.

Lena Halloway: Lena is the main protagonist and narrator of Pandemonium. After escaping into the Wilds, Lena wakes up

Julian Fineman: Julian is the son of the head of DFA (Deliria Free America) and has suffered a long term illness that has affected his life. His doctors have let him know that the cure may end up killing him, but he's decided that it's worth the risk. He's the main interest in Pandemonium and once Lena gets to know him she realizes that he's not as bad as he once seemed. 

Raven: Raven is one of the Invalids (uncured) and is the one who saved Lena when she first arrived in the Wilds.

The Wilds - this is where Lena escapes to and where she meets Raven and the other rebels. The Wilds is where the "uncureds" live.

Where The Book Left Off
Lena has joined the resistance and while undercover at a DFA (Delria Free America) rally a group of rowdy uncureds (also known as Scavengers) kidnap both Lena and Julian. They're locked in an underground cell and that's where Julian finds out that Lena is uncured. After a bit of hesitation he decides he can trust her. Lena and Julian escape the prison and grow closer than before. They escape to the Wilds where they meet up with the resistance. Lena then learns that her mother isn't dead as she formerly believed and neither is her Alex.


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