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We're still messing with this form and how to make it easiest for you to submit and for us to read it and make it into a post. For now, all you have to do is leave your name and email in the appropriate boxes, and put the title and author of the book(s) you are submitting into the subject line. I know the following seems lengthy, but in the end it will benefit us all. You'll have a better understanding of what to do, and we'll spend less time editing and cutting out unnecessary information.

The following is what we'd like for summaries, please.

Characters: As you can in our summaries, we mention main and minor characters. Really, these are all the characters that are a) important and b) pertain to the next book in the series. (In other words, characters you should remember.) All we ask for is no more than a few sentences per character, giving the basics about each character. Also, if you're submitting more than one book in a series, keep in mind that information on a character may change in each book--don't just copy and paste, please.
       Example: Edward Cullen: Male protagonist. Edward is a seventeen-year-old vampire born in 1901. He became a vampire in 1918, when he was dying of Spanish Influenza. He has the ability to read minds, but he is unable to read Bella's.

Setting: Plain and simple--where the book takes place. It may be in more than location.
       Example: Twilight: The novel is primarily set in Forks, Washington. But there are scenes in areas such as Port Angeles, WA, Phoenix, AZ and La Push, WA.

Where the Book Left Off: This is one of the biggest things we need, because if we haven't read the book, it's hard for us to figure it out on our own. It's just a paragraph (or shorter, if that's all it takes) explaining how the book ended. Series tend to pick up where the previous book left off, so this is important for remembering the book being summarized.
       ExampleAfter her accident (in which James almost killed her and she almost turned into a vampire), Bella decides she wants to stay in Forks with her father, resulting in upsetting her mother for a short amount of time. Fast forward a few months and Edward surprises Bella by taking her to prom. At the prom, Jacob comes to pass on his father's message to "beware of Edward" (he was bribed with car parts). Edward and Bella dance outside, and he asks her what she thought they were going to be doing that night. Embarrassed, Bella admits to her assumption that'd she be changed into a vampire. Edward gets upset, but then teases her by kissing her neck and asking "Did you really think I'd give in that easily?" The book then ends with Bella and Edward looking out at twilight, and the question: Did he turn her or not?

Other: If you want to add anything else--blog info so we can mention you, Twitter, etc.--please do!

If you have questions, comments, or are wondering if we think unicorns are real, just contact us using one of the methods on our contact page.



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