What is Series Sisters?
Have you ever read a book - and then had to wait an incredibly long time for the sequel, or even just forgot what happened in the first book? Or better yet, needed a refresher on a previous book in a series and not wanted to take the time to re-read the book? Well then Series Sisters is the place for you! Here you'll find everything from characters to where the last book in the series left off

Who are the Sisters?

Is a somethingteen-year-old who's soon to be a somethingty-year-old that would like a one way ticket to Neverland. She's attending college to work toward being a better writer, and she hopes to some day have her name on shelves around the world. She lives with some humans, a bossy cat named Big Kitty and a species-confused cat named O'hara, as well as a hamster and a hedgehog named Odair. She likes has an obsession with books that some may call unhealthy, but she just calls it life. She can also be found posting reviews and other bookish shenanigans on her blog Beauty and the Bookshelf.

is a senior in high school who will soon be graduating and going off into the real world on her own. She hopes to work in the book world someday, in what area? She doesn't know. She has a cat named Gilbert, who she's slowly turning into an Instagram star. She may or may not have an unhealthy obsession extreme amount of fan dedication to the boy band One Direction. You can find her posting book reviews and other things on her blog Tabitha's Book Blog.


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